18 Feb 2017
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Free SSL Trial 90 days

Fast and easy SSL submition proces and also free SSL istalation....

Sebastian Maer, Admin @ Gulter corp

SSL will not only secure traffic between web server and your visitoes but will also incrase SEO and get you better position in search engine results,also SSL certificate will bring more trust to your business.From now NelsaHost offer SSL for free,you will get SSL free of charge for 90 days.No credit card is needed to get free SSL trial,just regster and paste your CSR in order form and you are done.

Nelsahost prvide all kind SSL certificate from most trusted certificate authority available,from GlobalSign,Comodo,Symanct,GGSSL,Tawhte,GeoTrust,RapidSSl and others.there are many kind and level of SSL available but in most case if you need SSL for your website thre are three different level of SSL you can select.First and fastest option is DV SSL which is short word for domain validated SSL,it doesnt require phone calls or any documentation,you just need to verify domain ownership and it is simple proces where you just need click on verification link you get in e-mail.DV SSL is issued in few minutes and now you can get it for free in few minutes from NelsaHost

Second level is OV SSL or organization validated SSL,this SSL require that domain ownership is verified but also organization existence needs to be confirmed.Proces takes few days from submiting request till SSL is issued.

It takes just 10 minutes for Us to obtain SSL from Nelsahost

Sebastian Maer, Admin @ Gulter Corp

Third level is EV SSL or extended validated SSL,this level of SSL is only one that triger green bar in http link adress,these are most trusted SSL you can get,process require that domain ownership is verified and also organization or business needs to verify that name represent legal registered entity.

SSL Certificates

A Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate validates your website’s identity, and encrypts data sent to and from your site.Nelsahost offer SSL from all major certificate authority at best prices on the market.Our portofolio include DV SSL,OV SSl,EV SSL,SAN SSL ,Multi domain certificate..etc

  • DV SSL issued in just few minutes
  • Free SSL 90 days trial issued instantly
  • EV SSL at lowest prices on the market
  • OV SLL with shortest verification period

When a visitor enters an SSL-protected area of your website, your certificate automatically creates an encrypted connection with their browser. A padlock icon and “HTTPS” prefix appear in their browser bar to indicate that it is safe to submit personal information. If a site is protected with a high-assurance EV certificate, their status bar will also turn green.

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