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Web Hosting Service

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If you are intending to build or already have a personal or business site and require a dependable and steady shared hosting service, we will recommend you the web hosting services provided by NelsaHost

Our shared web hosting packages are packed with a huge variety of features and website creation and administration tools and will meet the hosting demands of both beginners and practiced users.

A Complete Set of Web Hosting Features

They all include 14-day money-back and 99.9 percent network uptime guarantees, the automated Popular PHP Scripts Installer, a web-based web site building tool, PHP 6/5/4 & MySQL 5 support, sender address forgery, spam and anti-virus protection for your electronic mail accounts and many more. And you if you are looking for more powerful features, you can order a hosting plan offering PоstgreSQL, InnoDb, Memcached and NodeJS support..

A Number of Data Center Locations

Our aim is to offer web hosting solutions that are accessible to all customers around the globe. You can pick from several data center facilities located on different continents – Steadfast in Dallas, United States of America; Pulsant in London, UK and SiS Group in Sydney, Australia. Thus, clients from all over the globe can choose the data center facility, which is nearest to their physical location or to their target audience in order to achieve faster Internet connection speeds.

What is Shared Hosting?

What is shared hosting? You share your hosting data with someone else? This is initial assumption when one first hears the name, but no. Your hosting data is fully safe in an isolated user account, it’s just that your account is on a shared web hosting server where other account holders are hosted too. This allows your web hosting plans provider to offer you a cheaper price without actually decreasing the quality of the website hosting service, as each website hosting account can avail of a particular amount of system resources on the server.

NelsaHost provide us everything we need,and best thing is it doesn’t cost us much!.

Allan Nile, Ceo Datahost Corp

Picking Your Web Hosting Solutions Provider

When searching for a shared hosting service, however, you should not look solely at the price. Determine whether your would-be hosting packages provider provides daily backups, access to a web hosting CP interface and details about the data centers. A 24x7x365 customer support service is being offered? Test the reaction times if there is a live chat or a phone support service, see how your queries are being answered, and you will be able to verify whether they are pros or if they just want to make cash swiftly and easily. The availability of a round-the-clock support service is extremely important, because it indicates that there is constantly someone supervising all the services and that if a predicament crops up, it will be speedily solved.

NelsaHost Web Hosting Service include

We also offer give much more with our shared hosting plans – a cheap domain registration, both monthly and annual payment options, a free PHP-based script installer, a free-of-charge online web site building tool and mail services. Administering your web site files, databases, domains and e-mail boxes is much simpler than with any other hosting CP software tool.

Our Web Hosting Service include

  • 24/7/365 support
  • cPanel or Plesk GUI control panel
  • Monthly billing period
  • 99.9% uptime guarantees

NllsaHost web hosting is the most appropriate solution for small and medium sized sites. With this form of site hosting, each user pays only for their account, which minimizes the overall cost per person considerably. There are various web hosting accounts varying from one host to another, furnishing different quotas of disk storage and monthly bandwidth, different e-mailbox account quotas and so on.

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