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Choosing A Domain And Web Hosting For Your Business

domain registration

First you need to make sure your website reflect your brand,and before you chose domain name you should think about your business,what is and who it’s aimed at,are you gona sell your time,service or product or you want just start blog and sell ads.
The type of your website will be determined by these decisions.Planing is very important so take some time to think about and it will be much easyer later for you to chose domain name,web hosting provider and even to build your website.
Selecting a good domain name is one of most important step,you want to be unique,short and memorable but in same time you want your domain telling something to your user and to be SEO frendly.
SEO frendly means it contain some highly popular word or phrase but I always prefer to be unique than SEO frendly.
Remeber you are going to be stuck with this domain name for as long as you keep this site, and your business.
You want to be professional and business name and your domain is your ID.It is always good idea to use your business name and try combining it with some popular keyword related to your niche.Even Today people don’t look much in to
domain extensions are also important part of your online ID and also SEO.TLD extensions are short names from some word and
they have descriptive mining for generic TLDs and regional for country code TLDs.
For example in gTLDs case .com is short for commercial ,.org for organisation ,.info for information …etc or in ccTLDS case US for USA , .CO for Columbia , .ME for monte negro..etc,even today most people don’t look extensions at this way it is still
important to consider it and if posible to register one that is best for your business.

Web hosting is second step and you should be very carefull when choosing web hosting provider.Today there are millions websites
around the world and with every day it is harder and harder to rank high,even most people think SEO start with your website and onpage SEO infact it start with selecting good hosting provider.
Search engines don’t like slow websites and downtimes,and you can be best SEO expert but if your website is slow and have bad uptime it will not rank well.
And this is not all,in most case your site will be on same server and IP with many other which mean you will share IP reputation.
Before even start looking in to web hosting package you have to look first in to hosting provider reputation,look for seals on page footer,
every reputable provider should have clickable seal from some information security company like TrustWave,if everything is OK when you click on seal it will redirect you
to information security company website where you can check does provider follow their guides.this is important
because these information security company will look their servers and scan it regulary..

Nelsahost Hosting is the first hosting service I am using and i will stay with them

Albert Fitz, Ceo @ Sam Ltd

Shared Web Hosting

When you finaly find your web hosting provider you should look how much space and bandwith they offer,it is not only thing you have to look but it is most important.
Few GB of space will be fine to star and these days no one limit bandwith but even if they do,100GB+ is safe to go.
Today most providers offer similar packages but there is few thing you should take close look:

Web Hosting Features

1.PHP multi selector- is standard and must have today,it is very important to have ability to select/change PHP version,cPanel have this on account level but Plesk
allow you to change PHP on domain level which is nice if you host more than 1 website and need different PHP.
Also plesk allow you to select web server Apache/Nginx and also how you want to run PHP..like CGI/FCGI or as FPM.. on domain level while cPanel
doesn’t provide this for end users and you can change PHP but for whole account(all domains).
2.Script Auto installation- This is nice option and all hosting providers offer one of many auto installation apps,
some of most popular are softaculous,fantastico,installatron..etc
3.Addon domains/subdomains-This is very important if you have in plan to host multiple websites,and you will at some point need this,so make sure they
offer you at least 5-10 addon domains/subdomains(many providers offer unlimited number)
3.E-mail accounts-as business owner you will need at least 5-10 e-mail accounts tu run your business even more,[email protected] and [email protected] is must have
since you will need this e-mails even for some verification processes…also you’ll probably need at least one personal,one for [email protected] and maybe even for support.
4.Databease-today most websites need databases from blogs,e-commerce,forums..even if you have static HTML as frontend website you’ll probably have some web application as backend like billing script,CRM…so make sure web hosting package include databases(most provider offer mysql which is fine)
5.Support-this is one of the most important aspects of any service and it is mostly reason why customers are happy or not,24/7 online support with decent response time is must have,also make sure they offer
ticket or live chat support not only phone(if you are from different country phone call will cost you ,since it takes time to resolve issue on phone)

Web Hosting by NelsaHost
  • Unlimited Storage and Bandwith
  • Unlimited Addon domains
  • Unlimited e-mail accounts
  • Unlimited dabases,ftp…

Nelsahost provide premium level web hosting service on windows and linux platforms,free 24/7 support is available to all users.Nelsahost provide support by phone,live chat and ticket sistem

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