14Jun 2017




Dedicated Servers Optimized For cPanel and Plesk

dedicated server
dedicated server
Dedicated Server

Do you want to start own hosting company or you have hosting company but you’re tired or reseller hosting and limited features.Considering to maintain own root server but scared and don’t know how to install everything you need and maint whole server.Nelsahost offer unmengaed and MENAGED dedicated servers optimized for hosting companies.
Everything you need at one place,we are offering two packages;
1.Intel xeon dedicated server with preinstaled and configured Cloud Linux, cPanel, softacouluos,cloud flare,attracte seo tools and rv skins.
Licences included for all above.You will get ready to go servers.
2.Intel Xeon dedicated server with Plesk control Panel,softaculous,cloud flare and Plesk migrator(can migrate Plesk and even cPanel users and everything other from old server).
You can menage and maintain server your self or you can leave it to us,in case you select menaged option you will get root access to server and cPanel while our staff will maintain everything else in background,in case you select unmenaged option than we will install everything,configure cPanel and optimze it than leave it to you but you can ask for help or reactivate menagment any time.




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