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Indispensable Things You Must Consider When Looking For Web Hosting

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I would define a website as being a rented space, office or home within the World Wide Web. Every individual, business or organization should have one it operates from. Similar to buildings in the real world, websites are conceived, planned, developed, executed and delivered as a final product. Every website on the internet is developed to serve a particular purpose, some of which could be personal, blog, business, e-commerce that will have an e-commerce website design and would need services accordingly and so on. The different services provided for every type of the website needs to be chosen carefully depending on the type of the business like that of the Magento website development is one of the many names that facilitate its use with competitive tools and rest areas.


Websites contain files that can be reached from any internet accessible device connected to the World Wide Web. This means people around the world can gain remote access to any information made available on a website. How this is made possible?


The Answer is Web Hosting

Information and data on websites does not fly around in thin air waiting to be caught. They are held up in central computers known as ‘Servers’ in data centers. This is known as “web hosting”. Every website needs web hosting service from a company such as Magento; it is the foundation that holds the building.


During the process of website design and development, one of the most important decisions is choosing a Web Hosting Service. We had earlier likened a website to renting or buying a house. If you were buying a house in the real world, wouldn’t you be concerned about the type of real estate developer you are getting into business with?


Same thing applies in website development. It is important to know the kind of property you are buying, the facilities attached to it and if the overall package suits your long term goal.


Now we’d be looking at the Indispensable things to consider when looking for web hosting.


1. Type of Website: Obviously, your website would determine what to look out for in a web hosting package. Web hosting platforms could be shared (which is great for small and medium websites), private or dedicated (better suited for bigger websites). There are different web hosting platforms best suited for blogs, business and e-commerce websites. It is better to use individual approaches in seeking web hosting platforms, rather than a one-fits-all approach.


2. Price and Plan: Depending on the type of website you are developing, you would have to take a closer look at your budget and determine what‘s worth paying for web hosting. A simple website that does not require much file storage, may consider paying for cheaper web hosting rather than going for the expensive one. On the other hand, a website design that will require large file storage should invest in better web hosting service. It is always advisable to consider “Low cost-High Value” here, but never compromise on value.


3. Growth: in the long term, what are your plans for the website? Do you envision exponential growth in terms of incoming traffic to the website? If yes, then you need a web hosting plan that would be able to adequately manage this growth. You would also need a service provider that is flexible enough to allow you ease of upgrade to bigger and better packages. You do not want to get stuck on one level within a hosting platform. Jumping ship from one host to another is no fun either.


4. Additional Features: Apart from Hosting your domain, a solid web host should ‘sprinkle some sugar on the doughnut’ by providing some peripheral services that are essential to the performance of the website, most especially e-commerce features.


Author Junaid Ali Qureshi

is leader/representative/frontrunner of an expert magento development team and an experienced digital marketing specialist dedicated to develop intuitive, well crafted, smart websites having blistering opening on search engine(s) making time and money worthwhile. His current ventures include magentodevelopers.online ,Elephantation, eLabelz, Smart Leads.ae, Progos Tech and eCig.

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