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Announcement : Get 1000 backlinks for free

Get 1000 backlinks for free!!! 247backlinks offer 1000 backlinks for your site to every new customer.Just sign in and grab 1000 backlinks.To sign up go   sign up and confirm e-mail and that is it.

Now after you grab backlinks you'll need to create project,to go that click on add new project and add up to 3 URL ,you can add 3 different domains or 3 url at same domain(better) and up to 5 keywords.

After that just waitfew hours and in control panel new report will show with url to 1000 backlinks.Now you can add your main domain to project but it is better to add your landing page(blogger or other landing page that link to your main site)

The most effective way is to create blog on high PR domain like on blogger with and than publish unique article about product/service you sell and at the end of article link to your main page,than add this URL to project at 247backlinks or with any other backlink provider.